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Home » Work/Life balance » Tips » Helping staff return from maternity leave

Helping staff return from maternity leave
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Have staff on maternity leave? As a manager you can help ensure their return to work is smooth and effortless.
What does a 'returning mum' often need?
  • A manageable transition pace 'to help her familiarise herself with the pace of the work environment. You can help by introducing new staff, explaining restructures or any other relevant changes that took place while she was on maternity leave.
  • A more flexible working structure, especially in the first few months as the new mother gets used to being away from home, becomes familiar with childcare demands, deals with sickness sometimes caused by exposing her child to childcare centres, and generally juggles her new commitments around work/life balance.
  • Acknowledgement of the many and often conflicting emotions returning mothers inevitably face. Many professional women suffer self doubt when they return to work after many months 'they often lack confidence about the abilities that were once second nature.
  • Being sensitive to the unspoken feelings of guilt women returning to work often feel. If you're overly critical of a new mother's abilities or don't provide an opportunity for her to voice what she's experiencing will only add further stress.
  • Paying attention to non-verbal clues, which may be indicating your newly returned mum is simply putting on a brave face when re-integrating into the work force and corporate culture. Providing support can help.


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